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Why Print Sourcing Worldwide?

Why not go direct to a print company or production house?

Here’s why not –

A reputed print broker worth his salt can give you the following advantages when it comes to print buying:

Your print should cost less, it should reach you faster, you get a much wider range of printed materials, you get better service and you get assured quality.

Here’s how Print Sourcing Worldwide gives you 5 advantages:

  1. Lower Cost: Different jobs call for different printing technologies, and a single printer cannot deliver multiple types of jobs. We use our vast contacts to match your job to the most cost-effective press and finishing process. We have a wide knowledge of where to place each job and we have great buying power across numerous production houses worldwide.
  2. Faster Delivery: Our experience in handling various types of jobs means we have fine-tuned each end-to-end process to cut out possible delays. And we constantly monitor the progress of every job and printing process. Further, our print management system provides you a dashboard to monitor the status of your jobs.
  3. Range of Printed Materials: We do not just represent one printer, but have hundreds of print suppliers in our network. We have access to every possible material which covers not just bound and printed items like books, catalogs and calendars – but also material for packaging, promotional merchandise, signage, games and anything else that may be printed today.
  4. Better Service: We work as the printing experts on your behalf to ensure that service is brilliant and risks are minimized. We continually check for accuracy and potential pitfalls at each stage of your job. So, if a problem does occur, we act on your behalf to resolve it as well as make sure you don’t end up paying for anything you shouldn’t.
  5. Assured Quality: We select and use printers that are pre-qualified and vetted who can produce work of the highest standard for the jobs specified. Most of the suppliers that use state-of-the-art equipment and technology happen to be trade-only print houses that do not operate in the general marketplace. Meaning, they are not accessible to corporate print buyers directly, because they only deal with print brokers or print management firms like us. Also, we use our print expertise on your behalf to check and monitor all production processes and inspect all materials to ensure perfect quality.

When should one purchase direct from the print manufacturer?

It’s about finding marketplace value. If you’re an experienced print buyer then you would know the process behind how to identify production problems, define specifications, and solve production issues. If your procurement department possesses the expertise, time, and resources needed to select manufacturers, define specs, and manage your projects day-to-day, then you should purchase directly.

The bottom line is…

Our worldwide supplier network enables us to get the best value for printing wherever the customer is and wherever the final product is being delivered to. We locate the most cost effective supplier, wherever that might be in the world, which can make a big difference to your overall print spend.