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The world is getting smaller and that is not a cliche. And we’re doing our bit to make the print world smaller. While bringing print services to your doorstep we don’t just move across states, we even move across the world. Printing overseas is not as complicated as some people keep making it out to be. Not anymore.

Overseas printing, as the west knows it, has gone through its teething troubles. Major book publishers have for years been cutting costs by offshoring long run print jobs. Their financial power allowed them to setup infrastructure at offshore locations, and their pioneering efforts have led to great advancements in this field. Countries like China and India have been havens for publishers looking to leverage the cheap resources available there. And over time, the western world has come to expect high quality print production rather than second grade work. For sure, the high standards of quality and the professional work ethic of the west have slowly but surely rubbed off on offshore operations. Also, communication is no more the bottleneck that it used to be in the past.

With all the advancements of globalization, one can confidently state that when a project is in reliable hands, the only real difference between printing locally and overseas is the time factor. At Print Sourcing Worldwide, overseas printing resides very efficiently within our print management portfolio, as an option to be prudently used when appropriate and required. When we offshore your printing, we promise and deliver to you the exact same quality standards that we do when we print for you locally.

The lookout is to always get the job done right, on time and at the best price possible – without compromising on quality. Overseas printing is considered when the desired turnaround times are such that printing can be completed overseas and shipped to the location in time. The next consideration is that the exact print quality and paper materials desired are available – and this is confirmed through proper sampling before a purchase order is raised. The entire end-to-end process is then vetted, from pre-press to printing, shipping and fulfillment, to confirm feasibility. When considerable cost savings are confirmed as compared to local printing, overseas printing is offered and advised as the preferable option.

Today, overseas printing is no longer a luxury that only major book publishers could afford. We have access to hundreds of master print suppliers in India that have decades of global client servicing experience, state-of-the art printing equipment and standardized processes, and we can leverage our proximity to oversee and audit print production on site. Test samples can be FedEx-ed within 3 days of receiving artwork via email.

Yes, with our help you too can print overseas if you want to, and quite comfortably.


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