Useful Links

 1. ISBN Registration
R.R. Bowker is the U.S. ISBN Agency in the United States, responsible for assigning ISBNs as well as providing information and advice on the uses of the ISBN system to publishers and the publishing industry in general. R.R. Bowker is charged by the International ISBN Agency with the collection of bibliographic data on titles published in the U.S. This title data is found in the databases of Books in Print.

2.  International ISBN Agency

Coordinates and supervises the worldwide use of the ISBN system.

3.   Free conversion tool: ISBN-10 to ISBN-13 & ISBN-13 to ISBN-10 from the ISBN Agency. Also, shows correct hyphenation & verifies if ISBNs are valid or not.

4.   “Implementation guidelines” (PDF). (51.0 KB) for the 13-digit ISBN code.

5.   UPC Code Registration (barcodes)
Authentic, never-before released UPC codes, issued by the only legal source, GS1 (formerly known as the Uniform Code Council or UCC).



  1. FDA Food Packaging Requirement
  2. IRS W9
    Request for tax payer identification number.
  3. Official U.S. Copyright Forms
  4. CPSC Regulations, Laws & Standards

CPSC administers and enforces several federal laws. These laws authorize the agency to protect the public against unreasonable risks of injuries and deaths associated with consumer products.

  1. California BOE – Resell Permit

The BOE administers various tax and fee programs that fund state, county, city and special taxing jurisdictions. The type of permit, license and / or account required is dependent upon the type of business activity or personal use transaction. The BOE’s on-line registration system will guide you through the process whether or not you know what type of registration you require.

  1. Types/Technology of Printing:


  1. Print on Demand, ability to print small quantities after orders are received.
  2. Web-to-Print, also known as Web2Printremote publishingor print e-commerce