Prepress Services

Our digital prepress experts work as your extended team to turn your creative content into outstanding final output. Print Sourcing Worldwide has a prepress studio of its own, please visit our dedicated website justprepress for detailed information.

We offer a wide range of Desktop Publishing & Image Editing services. Our team of highly skilled Digital Prepress production artists help produce top notch graphic content for everything that you need to print – in paper, and electronic formats. We work as your extended production team to deliver stunning final output.

Desktop Publishing

We understand the fundamentals of page layout, typography and imagery; use visual language to convey meaning; use design to assert authority and organize work for readers. We take documents created in simple formats like MS Word and convert them into a printer friendly format for both – paper and electronic use. Based on your briefs, our graphics masters convert your creative content and material into final print-ready output that commands attention and has excellent response rates.

Image Editing

Professional photographers in a variety of fields like Advertising, Commercial, Ecommerce or Online Stores, Real Estate, Fashion and Professional Photo Studios use our services. They partner with us to get outstanding final results and to improve their efficiency. Our Photoshop experts aren’t just the best at what they do – they love their job. We’ve mastered the various processes involved in image editing and we use the best technology required for these jobs. That means we can work faster and get better quality results than someone who doesn’t specialize in this. Not only do we save you the hassle involved and improve the quality of your photographs, we save you money in the process.

Visit our dedicated website for detailed information, photo galleries, pricing and to begin ordering desktop publishing and image editing services.


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